02.27.08 The Evidents! Live on stage!
Mark your calendars, kiddies! The Evidents (that's Mick, Jeff & Dana for those of you keeping score) will be playing a free show at Orlando Brewing on Friday, March 7th! See you there!
06.21.07 Lots going on at Evidents HQ...

We've been very busy at Evidents HQ. Still in the process of scouting out and auditioning a new drummer and bass player. By the way, if you are interested and you dig The Evidents' music, drop us a line on our contact page. But I digress.

But the big news today is that we've added a music store to our sounds page and also at our myspace page. There's also a brand spanking new track to check out! We hope you enjoy.


We're overwhelmed with offers, but don't have the manpower (or girlpower) to handle it! We're looking for qualified candidates to fill the following positions:
* Bassist
* Drummer
* Telemarketer

Vocals are a definite plus. A place to practice is an extreme plus. Being located close to the Orlando metro area is an obvious plus. Check the musical selections on our sounds page to gauge musical compatibility. Applications will be accepted until positions are filled. Contact us today, it just might change your life!

You can reach us via our contact page herein. Cheers!

04.20.06 Stomp! Shout! Scream!

The Evidents are honored to have "Action Figure" included in the beach party rock and roll monster movie "Stomp! Shout! Scream!". From the brain of Jay Wade Edwards (Editor/Producer of The Cartoon Network's Aqua Teen Hunger Force), this movie should be a shimmy-shakin' good time!

The Stomp! Shout! Scream! soundtrack, which is due to be released nationwide in July by Austin's Chicken Ranch Records, features Catfight!, The Woggles, The Evidents, The Vendettas, The Penetrators, The Fleshtones and more!

News archives...

"The Evidents from Orlando, FL bring the sound of '60s garage psychedelia and surf to modern rock n roll. Check Plus recently had a chance to sample their self-titled EP, featuring 4 swingin' tracks from the mind of Mick Crowley and co. The album emanates a certain nostalgic rock vibe starting with the first track, "Without You Now" and keeps it going through to the end. The songs are all super cool and seem like they could almost be appropriate as the background to those classic black & white teen beach movies, but the hints of modern rock influence keep this music from being a total throwback album. The other songs on the album are "All Roads Lead To You", "Inside Outside Upside Down", and "Action Figure". Look out for "Action Figure" on the next Check Plus rock compilation due out in early 2004. The Evidents are always playing in central Florida, so keep your eyes open and get your ass out to some of their shows for a groovy time. -cc."
--By Chris Cucci. CheckPlusMusic.com 11/15/03

"This next CD has been out awhile, but I just recently tracked it down by The Evidents who are one of Orlando’s current crop of extremely catchy garage/pop/psych influenced bands. This is the group that former Hatebomb Mick Crowley put together after leaving the ‘Bombs. “The Evidents” is filled with great 60’s inspired tunes like “Without You Now”, “Train”, and “All Roads Lead To You” to the explosive “Inside Outside Upside Down”. They also do a great job covering the killer 60’s tune “You Can’t Make Me” by Miami’s legendary Pretty Things-inspired band The Montells! Even though this CD doesn’t boast a fancy production job, it does have heart, soul and memorable hooks unlike much of today’s music. It’s available directly from the band at their website: www.evidents.cc."
--By Dennis Dalcin. Published in Bucketfull of Brains Magazine, Issue #64 03/31/03

"If you're the kind of person who heard the ragged vitality of the song "BBC" in the first Austin Powers movie, waxed nostalgic for the 1960's you never even knew and thought, "They don't write them like that anymore;" well, they do. The Evidents' self-titled CD evokes the shimmy-shaking of the Yardbirds and the raw heat (and sometimes the drum rolls) of the surf rockin' Ventures. Even the spirit of the Monkees was definitely hanging around while the band was honing its sharp post-punk style (and hone they have, as their live shows get ever better). This isn't to cast The Evidents as imitators or bubble-gum artists. If this is bubble gum, the sugar has definitely been sucked out. While their sound is of that era, their gritty texture and energy are right here, right now. So, you want a new spin on a golden era? Spin this. And just try to keep yourself from dancing."
--By Liz Langley. Published in Orlando Weekly 01/03/02






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